Folge 150 Dr. Anthony Chaffee – the plant free MD 


We’re very honored to have Dr. Anthony Chaffee on our Fleischzeitpodcast. He talks to us about plant toxins, the cure through a lion diet on only meat. How athletes can perform very well on just meat and the studies that have been done on this subject. AGEs (advanced glycation endproducts) causing aging not only on our skin but also on our joints through destroying our cartillage. Antibodies of all kinds coming down on a carnivore diet. 99,99 % of all pesticides are naturally in plants because plants try to defend themselves.   


The book from James H. Salisbury Anthony mentions in the podcast has the title “The relation of alimentation and disease” and has been written in 1888.  


You can get to Dr. Anthony Chaffee on Instagram @anthonychaffeemd or via www.howtocarnivore.com.  

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    Dirk (Mittwoch, 10 Juli 2024 19:31)

    Oha! �

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    Manfred Grundler (Mittwoch, 10 Juli 2024 20:16)

    No eaten plant left in its original state bevor eating can kill me, because I eat them completely unprocessed and chew them without another. The resulting taste alliesthesia prevents me from eating more of it than is good for me.
     But with plants prepared (cold or hot) or with several (row) plants chewed at the same time, the taste alliesthesia fails, as a result of which poisoning is possible. Probably it will be the same with poisonous animals (e.g. some frogs). But be careful: at the very first chewing of such a plant (and probably also such an animal) in life, this alliesthesia sometimes takes more time than chewing takes(…!). And poisoning can still occur in connection with (also cold) prepared food eaten before or after.
     Even from (not prepared) meat, I can only eat as much with relish as my kidneys can excrete uric acid. However, this excretory capacity is much greater for me than vegetarians and even ordinary omnivores want to admit it, because an hour after after eating a lot of (raw) meat, my drinking water requirement is high.
     I know all this from my own experience.

    Even the indigenous people of Greenland have a need for plants; they eat lichens and berries with pleasure. And if I have eaten one to two kilos of (raw) meat (which often happens), 15 hours after that, my need for herbs is also high. Only when I eat them without need, they do not taste good to me and actually cause me annoying symptoms. The natural pesticides do not cause me any problems thanks to the alliaesthetic regulation of the amount of consumption, but the civilizational ones (if any) do it. By the way, this regulation is also called the nutritional instinct.

    Unfortunately, I only partially understand spoken English, but much better the written.

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    Ronny Rath (Sonntag, 14 Juli 2024 17:33)

    Leider kann ich kein Englisch �

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    Andrea Siemoneit (Sonntag, 14 Juli 2024 17:34)

    Übersetzung folgt kommenden Mittwoch!